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Savannah, Georgia is picturesque, with southern charm, and history that will grip you from the moment you set foot in the self-dubbed “Hostess City of the South”.  But the true beauty of Savannah stems from its’ historical importance that ties together a darker past with legends, myths, and stories that make it hard to swallow even for dark tourism lovers. However, this is why I love Savannah. It is a walking contradiction with its elegant buildings and quirky nature. 

Have you ever been somewhere and said “I could live here”? I love that feeling and every time I come I find fun things to do in Savannah, Georgia. This southern city never gets old. Once you come to Savannah you will not be able to forget it. Some people don’t like visiting cities, but Savannah is unique and its’ eccentric nature is what makes it so special.

If you want an idea of the characters you may meet in Savannah, Georgia the 1994 book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” can paint a picture for you before your trip. The book will give you an idea of the eccentric nature of Savannah, what makes it’s citizens tick, the quirky nature of the town, and will make you want to experience the town for itself.  “The Book” referred to by locals put Savannah on the map in popular culture as well as cult classics like Forest Gump that were set in Savannah, Georgia. Now Savannah, Georgia is no secret to tourists, and conveniently located by a major highway, airport it is easy to get to.

Know Before You Go Tips for Visiting Savannah, Georgia

SCAD Theater in Savannah, Georgia
SCAD Theater in Savannah, Georgia

What is the historical significance of Savannah, Georgia?

Ogelthorpe discovered the 13th Colony in 1732 and named it after King George 2. They landed on a bluff up the Savannah River and Savannah, Georgia became the colony’s first city.

Is Savannah, Georgia safe?

Like any city you need to be careful at night. However, I have never felt unsafe in Savannah, Georgia personally. However, at night River Street where there are a lot of bars can sometimes be sketch at night.

When is the best time to visit Savannah, Georgia?

The best time to visit Savannah, Georgia is in the fall and spring. If you want to avoid the busiest time then definitely don’t go during St. Patty’s day. Also, avoid the summer if you absolutely hate mosquitos and humidity. I love the spring because the flowers are in full bloom, it isn’t humid, and the weather is perfect (end of March through the end of May).

How bad are the mosquitos and bugs?

If you are like me and get eaten alive by mosquitos then definitely bring bug repellant. Also, avoid the summer months there are many mosquitos in Savannah during this time because it is surrounded by a lot of swamp land.

How to get to Savannah, Georgia?

Savannah is easy to get to by car or plane, which makes it a very popular destination for people wanting to experience the southern charm of Savannah, Georgia.

Do you need to rent a car?

While a car is definitely helpful getting around to go to Tybee Island, there is always Uber. Savannah is a really walkable city or if you can rent a bike you can also cover a lot of ground.

Fun Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

1. Explore the Historic Squares by bike or walking

The most unique and fun thing to do in Savannah, Georgia is exploring the 22 historic squares in Downtown Historic Savannah. There used to be 24, but some development stole two from the city. The history of the squares and the planning of Savannah go all the way back to the founding and was part of “The Oglethorpe Plan”.

Savannah is America’s “First Planned City”. As opposed to cities with streets going of in every- which- way direction like Boston, Savannah was laid out in a series of grids with wide streets with shady public squares and parks. The parks used to be centers of business, leisure, and home to markets.

Riding my bike through Savannah, Georgia was the perfect way to see all the historic squares.
Riding my bike through Savannah, Georgia was the perfect way to see all the historic squares.

Here are some of the famous must-see squares when you are in town:

Chippewa Square – Chippewa Square is the most famous square in Savannah. It is in the center of everything including the oldest running theatre in Savannah, cafes, and a beautiful church.  You may have seen the famous square in Forrest Gump! Located at Bull and McDonough streets.

Grabbing a coffee and walking around Chippewa Square is one of the best things to do in Savannah. See where Forest Gump waited for the bus.
The famous square where Forest Gump waited for his bus with a box of chocolates.

Lafeyette Square is my favorite square in Savannah simply due to the fact it has my favorite church and café Mirabelle Café. The Historic Savannah Theatre is also on the square and is one of the oldest running theaters in the world. It opened in 1818 and is still running nightly showings.       It is Located at Abercorn and Macon streets.

Old Savannah Theater in Savannah Georgia is one of the oldest running theaters in the United States.
Old Savannah Theater

2. All Aboard the Savannah Trolley Tour

Want to see the city at a leisurely pace? Then head on Old Savannah Tour’s trolley. Their historic trolley tours will take you to the main sights of the city with their hop on/hop off service with 15 stops.

Departures start daily from 9 am, and leave every 15-20 minutes until 5pm, 7 days a week. The entire route takes about 100 minutes or you can use the service all day.

Costs: Adults $35 Children $13

3. Take a Ghost Tour or Hearse Ghost Tour

Savannah is known as America’s most haunted city! If you want to come during Halloween and don’t mind getting spooked Halloween is the perfect time to visit. What is the best way to experience the spooky side of Savannah? A ghost tour, whether you take a walking tour, a ghost trolley tour, or go full-on with a ghost tour in a hearse there isn’t a wrong way to go if you want to experience some paranormal activity.

By far the most paranormal to me is the Hearse Ghost Tour, where you ride in a hearse that was in service for 15 years. For $20 USD it is a spooktacular way to spend your evening.

4. Walk around Forsyth Park with a cup of coffee

Forsyth Park is the largest park in Savannah, with Spanish moss trees, a lovely fountain, an amphitheater, and surroundings beautiful historic homes, and some shops & historic hotels this makes for a great place for a picnic and walk. Not far from the park are two of my favorite Savannah Coffee Shop: The Sentient Bean and Foxy Loxy Café.

Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah Georgia. Fun Things to do in Savannah Georgia.
Forsyth Park

5. Shop and Dine in the City Market

One of the busiest sections in the historic district is the City Market. Due to the four blocks of open-air shopping, and the pedestrian friendly street with no cars surrounded by restored warehouses with tons of options for dining, the city market is the perfect place to unwind after roaming the historic district of Savannah.

While I didn’t partake, some people find one of the fun things to do in Savannah is drink on the street since it is legal to do here in the historic district. It is one of the only places in the United States to allow public drinking, so it can be quite the destination for bachelor or bachelorette parties.

6. The Savannah Riverfront a Fun Thing to do in Savannah at Night

When I used to come to Savannah when I was younger with my mom we avoided the riverfront. However, now the riverfront in Savannah is the place to relax as the day unwinds. The city of Savannah has done a complete overhaul of the waterfront. With restaurants with outdoor seating, candy shops, bars, and the new J.W. Marriot, as well as tourist attractions such as riding on an old riverboat this is definitely an area to be in. Especially if you want to be in the center of it all.

7. The Cathedral of St. John The Baptist

The tallest church in Savannah, Georgia and also the most beautiful in my opinion- The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is worth a visit. Impressive towering spires, with drawdropping stained glass features this church is more than that, it is one of the most stunning sights in Savannah.

Whether you want to go to a mass, or just enjoy the beauty of the building the church offers tours from 9:00 am to 11:45 am and 12:45 pm – 5:00 pm (*covid may affect this), Monday through Saturday for $2 USD. The cathedral was burned badly in a fire in 1898 and rebuilt in 2 years. It represents the faith in Savannah and the resilience of this beautiful city that has endured the test of time.

Sarah Fay visiting the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist in the Historic District of Savannah, Georgia.
Cathedral of St. John The Baptist

8. Bonaventura Cemetery

When you are looking for fun things to do in Savannah, Ga you may not expect a cemetery to be on the list. However, a trip to Savannah would not be complete without a trip to Bonaventure Cemetery. The cemetery was founded in 1846, and is the largest municipal cemetery in Savannah with 100 acres.

Bonaventura Cemetery became famous after it was featured in the 1994 novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and the subsequent Clint Eastwood movie based on the book. The cemetery is open to the public from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you happen to be there on the second weekend of every month the Bonaventure Historical Society offers free tours of the graveyard.

Bonaventura Cemetery where Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
Bonaventura Cemetery
Photo by Lynn Jordan on Unsplash

9. Take Home Tours

Whether you want to tour a specific historic home, or you want the unique experience of touring Savannah homes and Gardens of actual Savannah citizens, the historic homes are one of the unique aspects of Savannah that draw tourists in year after year. Touring homes are one of the many fun things to do in Savannah and people come from across the country to view the historic homes.

The Andrew Low House may be the most visited historic home in Savannah, Georgia. Andrew Low a wealthy cotton factor from Scotland built the home in 1848-1849. Girl Scouts flock to the home to see where their founder Juliette Gordon Low lived and hosted the first Girl Scouts meeting in the adjacent carriage house.

She founded the Girl Scouts in 1912 and also made waves by divorcing William Macklay Low (Andrew Low’s son). Also, you can see one of the only original 19th century gardens left in Savannah. So, I recommend coming to this house!

Sarah Fay standing in front of historic homes in Savannah Georgia. One of the many things to do in Savannah is touring historic homes.
Around every block you find beautiful historic homes in Savannah. Some you can even tour!

Andrew Low House

329 Abercorn Street, Savannah GA

Open daily. Guided tours every half hour. Monday-Saturday, first tour 10am, last tour 4pm. Sunday, first tour 12pm, last tour 4pm. Adults $10, seniors/children (6-18)/students $9. $1 discount for Girl Scouts and AAA members.

Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens

The Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens happens each year over 4 days during the last week of March. It offers a unique self-guided tour, where during a period of three hours each of the four days you can enter different homes, in different historic neighborhood each day.

10. Wormsloe Historic Site and Skidaway State Park

Sarah Fay walking down the oak lined road at Wormsloe Historic Site just outside of Savannah, Ga.
Wormsloe Historic Site just outside of Savannah, Ga.

Not far from Downtown Savannah is Wormsloe Historic Site and Skidaway State Park. While you may have never heard of Wormsloe, you most certainly have seen photos of the longest oak-lined street with hanging Spanish moss.

Wormsloe Historic Site is an 822-acre park and is the site of one of Georgia’s colonial founders’ plantation. The 1.5-mile oak avenue, the ruins of a fortified plantation, and a museum with demonstrations of colonial daily life are only a few reasons to make this a cannot miss a spot in Savannah, Georgia.

Skidaway State Park is an amazing spot to get outdoors and explore the natural side of Savannah, Georgia. Skidaway is a state park located on Skidaway narrows, a part of the Georgia Intracoastal Waterways. Whether you just want to hike the 6 miles of trails to spot some fiddler crabs, deer, egrets, and other wildlife, or you want to go camping close to Savannah.  The scenic campground is nestled under live oaks and Spanish moss, some RV sites, and three airconditioned camper cabins!

11. Tybee Island for a day at the Beach

A day at the beach is always a great option and a fun thing to do in Savannah. Tybee Island is a quaint coastal community located 18 miles away from Historic Savannah. It has consistently been rated as a top beach in the US, for nature lovers head out on a dolphin tour, or maybe run into some cute sea turtles nesting.

Tybee Island 18 miles away from Savannah, Ga is a perfect half day trip to relax by the water.
Tybee Island 18 miles away from Savannah, Ga is a perfect half day trip to relax by the water.

12. Leopold’s Ice Cream

One thing that can always put a smile on my face is an ice cream Sunday. Leopold’s Ice Cream is a Savannah Tradition since 1919. Also, it is the perfect place to cool off.


13. The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House is a National Landmark, located in a Georgian Mansion on Reynolds Square has an interesting history. It was a home, the first bank in Georgia, and now the vaults are still used, but for storing wine.

Many say the house is haunted, and you can dine in the halls of this historic Savannah mansion echoing the days of candlelight dinners in the past. A fun thing for to do in Savannah is eat some good southern cooking and The Olde Pink House is one of the best restaurants.

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14. The Wilkes House

Since 1943 when a young Sema Wilkes took over a boardinghouse in the historic district and a dining room, The Wilkes House has been accepting guests for some good ole southern cooking and people have been lining up early each morning to make sure they get a seat when the doors open at 11 am.

With some of my favorite southern dishes like fried chicken, mac’n’cheese, okra, candied yams, and a rotating seasonal menu this should be on any foodie’s list when they visit Savannah.

There is a flat rate of $25 USD for lunch for adults, and half-price for children under 10. Reservations are not taken so get there early!

15. Go to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day

While the 2020 Savannah St. Patrick’s Day, the 196-year tradition will still go on in the future. One of the largest St. Patrick’s Day festivals occurs in Savannah, Georgia and is arguably one of the top fun things to do in Savannah. The whole month of March is a celebration and a popular time to visit Savannah.

Bands perform in the streets, people enjoying the parade, and vendors selling things throughout the streets, with so many events the city will feel the most alive during St. Patrick’s Day. But be warned if you actually want to see Savannah culturally and historically speaking I would go at a different time. The streets will be crowded, hotels will be expensive, and it will be difficult to get everything you want to do done.

Best Hotels in Savannah, Ga

While there are many places to stay in Savannah, Ga, the best area to stay in is in the historic district of Savannah. It is close to the many attractions in Savannah, Ga, and the best restaurants. With so many fun things to do in Savannah, you will definitely want to stay close to the historic district.


 The Desoto

After a 10 million dollar renovation, The Desoto has become one of the most luxurious historic hotels in Savannah. Located right on Madison Square and built-in 1890, The Desoto offers the best of both worlds immersing you in the southern charm of Savannah but also offering the luxuries of the finest hotels in the world. Also, there is a pool and that is always a plus when it is hot and humid!

The Cotton Sail Hotel Savannah- Tapestry Collection by Hilton

With a revitalized waterfront, comes interesting hotels that make you do a double-take. The chic Cotton Sail Hotel is located in a former cotton warehouse along the waterfront. With one of the hottest rooftop bars in Savannah it is perfect to enjoy sundown.

Mid-Level Hotels

Hampton Inn Savannah Historic District

The Hampton Inn Savannah Historic District is a perfect hotel offering everything you need to relax after a day exploring the historic district. Located happily between the riverfront and the historic district there are many things you can do right at your doorstep.

Bed and Breakfast

The Gastonian

Full of history like most of Savannah, The Gastonian offers one of the most unique bed and breakfast experiences. This B & B offers 17 rooms in a 19th century buildings, with an intimate, yet lavish experience. Think clawfoot tubs, crystal chandeliers, and working fireplaces, with all the intimate touches of a bed and breakfast.

Best Budget Hotel

The Thunderbird Inn

If you want to stay in the historic district on a budget that can be hard? However, not impossible with the Thunderbird Inn. They offer up complimentary moon pies and Krispy Kreme donuts.  They are pet friendly as well.

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Savannah has southern charm and history that will grip you from the moment you set foot in the city. Here is a guide of 15 fun things to do in Savannah, Ga. #travelgeorgia #savannah
Savannah has southern charm and history that will grip you from the moment you set foot in the city. Here is a guide of 15 fun things to do in Savannah, Ga. #visitsavannah #exploregeorgia
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