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There is one thing for certain, I have caught the travel bug. After traveling the world almost non-stop the past few years, I have fallen in love with sharing my adventures with others looking to solo travel and face their fears. This year I have undertaken the goal to build out my van, travel solo to South America, and see as many National Parks in the USA. Follow along for travel advice, travel guides, and the beginnings of my van life adventure! 





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How I Became a Full-Time Traveller

The first major trip I did was road tripping the USA with my mom for 2 months when I was 13. I hated that she was taking me away from my friends and the summers in Florida that I grew used to. However, a few days into the trip I knew this journey was special. It was an amazing experience to go around the country visiting and experiencing what I had only learned in history books. That is when traveling became more of a lifestyle than a vacation.

My life changed again during my last semester at Dartmouth College I chose to study abroad at University of Edinburgh. The summer before my study abroad I traveled for 2 months through out Europe. From there I got a fellowship with the UN in Budapest, Hungary, worked and lived in Ireland, and I can now say I have lived in 4 countries and backpacked through 49 countries.

This blog is about documenting my travels and adventures, while sharing with you the ups and downs faced when on the road. Here to inspire you to take that next adventure and never let fear get in the way!

Recent Travels

A few of my recent travels as well as articles on travel hacks, travel destination guides, and more. 

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