Welcome to Travels of Sarah Fay, my culture and adventure travel blog that follows my exploits around the world. I want to give readers what life is like in all corners of the world and how solo travel can be one of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself.

I am a 26 year old Florida girl, that used to think I would not be able to travel alone- let alone live in another country. When I was younger my mom inspired me to love learning about the world around me and not be afraid to go outside of my comfort zone.

The first major trip I did was road tripping with her throughout the USA for 2 months when I was 13. I hated that she was taking me away from my friends and the summers in Florida that I grew used to. However, a few days into the trip I knew this journey was special. It was an amazing experience to go around the country visiting and experiencing what I had only learned in history books. That is when traveling became more of a lifestyle than a vacation.

My life changed when during my last semester at Dartmouth College I chose to study abroad at University of Edinburgh. The summer before my study abroad I traveled for 2 months through out Europe. I fell in love. From there I got a fellowship with the UN in Budapest, Hungary, worked and lived in Ireland, and I can now say I have lived in 4 countries and backpacked through 40 countries.

This blog is about documenting my travels and adventures, while sharing with you the ups and downs faced when on the road and giving you tips to make your adventures all the sweeter!

Laughing my way around the world, meeting amazing souls from around the globe, and making my life one giant adventure. Join me and let’s see where we can go!


Sarah Fay