It’s almost Mother’s Day and if you have a mother like mine that love’s to travel then you may want to find the perfect gift for her travel habits. Here are some travel gifts that travel-loving mothers like mine would love for Mother’s Day. Some of these are easy to find if you are scrambling to find a few last-minute gifts for Mother’s Day.

10 Travel Gifts for Mother’s Day

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

For travelers noise-canceling headphones are a necessity. I use them on a plane, at home to block out noise while I work, and whenever I really want to focus. But if your mom hates the sound of a plane engine or wants some me time on a long road trip then noise-canceling headphones could be the answer!

2. Travel Scarfs

A scarf is simple, can be a great last-minute gift, and are super useful on the road. If your mom always is cold or likes to block out some of the bad smells when traveling a scarf could be the answer! There are even scarfs that have hidden pockets to hold smartphones, money, and important documents like her passport!

3. Travel Wallet

Help your mom keep her identity. Fight identity theft with RFID blocking wallet and passport holder. From stylish options like this Michael Kors travel wallet, or this smart RFID wallet that comes in a variety of colors.

4. Away Bigger Carry-On

Away offers a great carry-on bag that is large enough to fit some extra outfits, rolls nicely, and also fits in overhead bin storage on most planes. Also, they have a TSA approved lock so your valuables can be stored safely. The best part there is a 100-day warranty. If you don’t like what you see after you test it out on your next trip it can be returned!

5. Make A Shutterfly Book / Photo Album

A great way to thank your mom for all the memories you two have created, is commemorating it in a Shutterfly Book/ Photo Album. Put together a book of your past trips and hangouts to celebrate Mother’s Day.

6. Ankor PowerCore 20100

Having external power is a must and a power bank changes the game when it comes to traveling. Let your mom always have power with the Ankor PowerCore. It fully charges my phone like three times over, and I cannot live without it now.

7. Anti-Theft Purse

Mother’s always like to keep you safe, so now you can make sure she is safe from theft with an anti-theft purse. The different colors and amount of zippers on this purse make this cross shoulder bag perfect for your Mother’s next adventure.

Or if you want more space to hold things a travel tote bag is also a great option for a gift on Mother’s Day!

8. Kindle or Amazon Fire

With different types of Kindles for all types of uses these are perfect for traveling. If your mom likes to read, surf the internet, or read different magazines than Kindles are perfect. Put some of your Audible books on, download some Netflix, and she will be ready for any journey. I love mine for long car rides, buses, or plane rides.

Kindle E-Reader

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Amazon Fire

 9. Book of the Month Club  The Book of the Month Club

This by far is the best gift for your mom if you aren’t able to be with her all the time. This book club will send both of you the same book. Each month you can choose from 5 books. A way to show love while keeping the distance. Whether you choose a book that feeds your wanderlust spirits, or you get a book for your next journey, it is a great gift option.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

10. Plan a trip with your mom in 2020 and gift her a Travel Planner for Mother’s Day

Why not plan your next trip before the end of 2020 with your mom and give her a travel planner. The best thing I can think of as a gift is spending quality time with my mom on a mother-daughter trip.


Mother’s Day Last Minute Ideas

Hopefully these ideas of travel gifts for Mother’s Day will help you find something special. In case you are in a bind this Mother’s Day and looking for last-minute ideas for gifts look at subscription boxes based on her interest. There are subscription boxes for skincare, food, plants, and much more. It is perfect to show her you care even if you may not be there in person.

Moreover, I am the queen of last-minute and the last two mother’s day my mom and I headed to the beach in Florida. It was easy and enjoyable for us both. Some great destinations for that my mom and I have enjoyed together were, Acadia National Park and Nashville. I still believe the best way to celebrate is getting away with her on Mother’s Day to a new destination.


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