10 Destinations to Solo Travel for Valentine’s Day- (that won’t remind you you’re single)

Sarah Fay Solo Travel blogger in old San Juan at Castillo San Cristóbal with the La Perla neighborhood basketball court in background.

Many people don’t think to solo travel for Valentine’s Day. While booking a solo trip over Valentine’s Day may feel odd, in fact it isn’t. February is actually an amazing month to travel. Not only are the flights cheap, but many tourist destinations are not too busy, which means amazing DEALS! Solo travel destinations for Valentine’s Day is great for treating yourself, and show love to yourself.

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Turning 27: Lessons in Health and Happiness

In previous years, I celebrated my birthday with boozy celebrations and ignored my health. Whether sailing through Croatia, partying in Mallorca, or a girl’s weekend partying it up in Montreal alcohol was involved. This will be different celebrating at the gym, getting lunch with a friend, and working on plans for my future. Also I will travel again this weekend to New England to see family, friends, and a bit of exploring the outdoors! 

The past few months have been an interesting journey for my health amongst other things. Over the last 8 months I have also done a lot of traveling sober. I learned to be grateful for everything I have. 

It is my birthday, so I did some reflecting on my health and happiness. I figured I’d assemble a little list of some of the most important things I’ve learned this year:  

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