Traveling to Cuba as an American (Trump Era)

Old School pink 1960s car in front of the Cuban Capitol building in Havana ,Cuba.

I am a Florida girl and for the longest time it killed me that it felt like Cuba was at my fingertips, but I wasn’t allowed to go. 90 miles off the coast of Florida, less than an hour flight, and a past between our countries that seemed ages ago was holding back cultural exchange between the people of Cuba and the USA. When Obama lifted travel restrictions to Cuba, I rejoiced, but now with a tightening grip hold by Trump Era Regulations it looks like it is getting a lot harder. 

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Dallas in 48 Hours: Exploring the Big D

Dallas Skyline - GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower

48 hours in Dallas convinced me that I loved this city. Dallas is the glitz and the glamour of Texas. The city is made up of neighborhoods, such as Bishop Arts and Deep Ellum that give Dallas a hipster edge. Personally, I had decided to stay longer in Austin, Texas because people in Austin tried to tell me there was not much to see in Dallas. However, I thought they were wrong. I found there was plenty of things to do for any foodie, art lover, or culture seeking traveler in Dallas. 

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Turning 27: Lessons in Health and Happiness

In previous years, I celebrated my birthday with boozy celebrations and ignored my health. Whether sailing through Croatia, partying in Mallorca, or a girl’s weekend partying it up in Montreal alcohol was involved. This will be different celebrating at the gym, getting lunch with a friend, and working on plans for my future. Also I will travel again this weekend to New England to see family, friends, and a bit of exploring the outdoors! 

The past few months have been an interesting journey for my health amongst other things. Over the last 8 months I have also done a lot of traveling sober. I learned to be grateful for everything I have. 

It is my birthday, so I did some reflecting on my health and happiness. I figured I’d assemble a little list of some of the most important things I’ve learned this year:  

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9 Reasons Why you should visit Tulum, Mexico!

Tulum beach in Mexico on a sunny day

Tulum is the destination that everyone is talking about on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. My mom was shocked to learn how popular it was now, she told me of the unspoiled beaches and town of Tulum she had visited 30 years ago. While tourists have discovered this gem, thanks to Instagram, influencers, and word of mouth, it is still 100 percent worth coming here for a great vacation! The pearly white sand beaches are what initially draws tourists, but there is a boat load of things to do beyond the shores. 

If you want uncommercial, chill, and relaxed vibes as compared to nearby tourist destinations Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, Tulum is for you! If your still not convinced here are 10 reasons that will have you booking your ticket ASAP! 

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Keep Austin Weird: Top 10 Ways to Get Weird in Austin

Sarah Fay in Austin Texas in front of mural of a Postcard from Austin Texas.

Get weird in Austin! Austin, Texas’s unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”.  A slogan coined by a local radio station legend, hippies and old-timers alike used this as a battle cry to fight commercialism and the rapid overdevelopment due to the soaring population from tech giants adopting Austin as a new home. 

Heading to Austin I was excited for a city that embraced the unconventional and defended its local businesses and quirks.

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