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If you want a unique experience with two very different cultures, you must go to Fredericksburg Texas. In the heart of Texas Hill Country it is a piece of Germany in Texas. While it’s popular for Fredericksburg, Texas vinyards, there are many things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas that don’t surround drinking. I was astounded by some of the best restaurants in Fredericksburg, and amazing unique cabins, making this a perfect getaway in 2024. Explore the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country, feel the southern charm, and enjoy the music and spirit of Fredericksburg. It is a great mixture of both its’ Texas and German Heritage, and learning about the history of the area as well. At first I wondered what it would be like as someone who doesn’t drink in Texas Hill wine country, but I left with a fondness for Fredericksburg.

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A Guide To Visiting Fredericksburg,Texas

What you may not know is many Germans relocated to Fredericksburg Texas back in the 1800’s from Europe. You can see this unique mixture of their culture and its German food along with a great mix of warm Texas charm. 

From the iconic central Marketplatz to exploring the German heritage at the pioneer village, learn about the German Culture and the history of the area. There are great places to hike too, like Enchanted Rock, or hike and see the bats fly out of the cave at sunset at Old Tunnel State Park (the States’ smallest park). 

There is so much to do and experience in Fredericksburg without even seeing the phenomenal wineries if you aren’t a drinker. Come along and learn more about things to do and places to stay in Fredericksburg, TX a quaint little town with a unique history. While you can have a lively time here, you will find it a very relaxing place with many places to stay from luxury hotels to cabins for those that love nature.

A Brief History of Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, TX was founded in 1846 by German settlers who moved to the USA to seek more freedom after hearing about this great area of central Texas. The town is still small with a population of about 11k+ people and the largest German-based settlement in the state. This town is known for Texas German, the German dialect that was spoken back when the original settlers from Germany moved to the area and didn’t learn English at first. Fredericksburg is also a great day trip from Austin or San Antonio. I visited after being in San Antonio. The town is only 70 miles northwest of San Antonio and 80 miles west of Austin, which both have international airports.

Fredericksburg Texas Weather: When is the best time to visit? 

Fredericksburg TX has a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The hottest month is generally August with an average high temperature of 82 F degrees and low of 47 F. I loved my visit in September, just past the hot month of August, but remember like other “German” towns they do have a large Oktoberfest celebration so keep in mind this since it is a very popular time. 

das haus unique stay fredericksburg Texas on a lake
Das Haus View Of A Lake In Fredericksburg, Texas

Where to Start Your Fredericksburg Adventure?

When you arrive in Fredericksburg you may want to start out exploring in the center of town, or Marketplatz, and see some amazing shops that have their historic storefronts. Downtown Fredericksburg is very walkable and a great way to meet folks along the way. 

How Long Should You Stay in Fredericksburg?

For this cute town, I would plan to stay 2-3 days in Fredericksburg to truly enjoy the area. Strolling the Marketplatz gave me a good overview of the town, then I ventured out to explore nature and the surrounding area.   

Best Tours and Things To Do in Fredericksburg, Texas

Throughout Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill Country, there is so much to do depending on your interests, from visiting historic places and museums, eating delicious local food, and seeing the fantastic town. Here are some suggestions on things not to miss.     

Fredericksburg Trolley Tour

There are a few types of Trolley Tours you can take in Fredericksburg, however I recommend taking the Fredericksburg Trolley tour with a historical narration to get your bearings in Fredericksburg.

things to do in Fredericksburg Texas

Hike at Enchanted Rock

For those who love hiking Enchanted Rock State Park is a great place to hike and experience the lovely nature of the area. I hiked Enchanted Rock Summit Trail. This is a medium-level hike that is 1.3 miles long and takes about 45 minutes. It’s a popular break from town (or the wineries) and is beautiful all year long. If you plan to visit Enchanted Rock, it is recommended to reserve a spot and bring some water. The fee is $8 a person to visit, but there are other trails to enjoy as well. You can find more info at Enchanted-rock  Enchanted Rock is “magical, mystical, and enchanting”.

Enchanted Rock Fredericksburg Texas
Enchanted Rock

Pioneer Museum

Well I love history and wanted to learn more about the German settlers so I visited the Pioneer Museum in Fredericksburg. It’s a great way to be Willkommen (welcome) to Fredericksburg.  https://www.pioneermuseum.org

pioneer museum frericksburg Texas things to do
Fredericksburg, Texas Pioneer Museum

Windmill Meadow Farm

Visit the farm and perhaps take a Floral Arrangement Class or Farm Tour of this family-run field. The tour is about a 1.5-hour tour and they have an amazing selection of flowers.  www.windmillmeadowfarm.com

Das Peach Haus

Das is a Texas Hill Country treasure that has been in business for over 50 years. It has great orchards, wine tastings, tasty jams and chili meat sauce, cooking classes, and sometimes live music. There are some great unique lodgings offered like Airstreamers, The Tiny Home, Train cars, etc. More info can be found on the company website  www.jelly.com

National Museum of the Pacific War

Depending on your love of history, you may want to visit this museum that opened my eyes to the human story of soldiers who served in World War II. I wondered why this was located here in Fredericksburg and found out it was the hometown of Admiral Chester Nimitz, who commanded the Asia-Pacific theater during World War II. Besides the interesting museum, there is an awesome outdoor area to explore including the Japanese Peace Garden. Notably, It is affiliated with the Smithsonian, you know in Washington. It offers some great glimpses into the war in the Pacific.  

Japanese Peace Garden Photo by Sarah Fay

Explore The Fredericksburg Texas Vineyards

While I did not participate in drinking wine, I did get to visit a few vineyards that were extremely unique, picturesque, and definitely worth a stop by if you are in the area or enjoy wine. Here is a tour to explore the vineyards on Viator you can check out in the Texas Hill Country.

Day Trips From Fredericksburg Texas

As mentioned, this is close to San Antonio and Austin so that is a great option to visit too. I love both those towns and have YouTube video on San Antonio and article about Austin on my blog. You may want to spend a day or two there on your way to and from Fredericksburg.

Best Restaurants in Fredericksburg, Texas

There are many restaurants, cafes, and vineyards offering great food choices, of course, great tastes of German cuisine, as well as some famous Texan favorites like chili. Here are just a few of Fredericksburg foodie favorites. There are also some places in the morning to get “grab and go” coffee and pastries if you want to head out on a hike or see the wildflower farm before it’s hot, etc. There are food choices for all palates in this quaint town.


Vaudeville is a great place to experience some awesome food in their Bistro, a gourmet market, entertained at their Supperclub, and have some tasty food like pork belly tacos, etc. I highly recommend it as a foodie favorite  https://vaudeville-living.com Not only do they have amazing food and huge cookies, but they also have a boutique upstairs perfect to find some bespoke goodies.

Sunday Supply

Looking to have a coffee surrounded by history. Sunday Supply gets its’ name from the Sunday House that it is located in. It is a great option to stop and have a coffee or a tasty treat called a Kolache brought to the area by other European settlers to the area in the 1800s. If you want something more hearty try the breakfast taco. Learn more about the Sunday houses below. https://www.sundaysupplytx.com

Hill & Vine

Owned by Sarah and Jesse the same owners of Sunday Supply, I was so excited to come back after their warm welcome at Sunday Supply. Hill and Vine offers seasonal menus that really mix the German heritage with the Texas staples. Here you can have chicken schnitzel, tacos, Angus steak, and other flavorful options for dinner. Not only that they have live music outside on the weekends, with an amazing outdoor venue. This is a mixture of southern Texas Hospitality charm, and also fine dining for Fredericksburg. But don’t worry it is a relaxed affair here and all are welcome!

Signor Vineyards

Signor Vineyards was quite enjoyable for even a non-drinker like me. They had some live entertainment, Joannas Market, charcuterie boards, food, and a great aesthetic vibe and truly loved my visit here. https://www.signorvineyards.com

Signor Vineyards Joanna's Market

Chase’s Place Cocktails

Chase the owner is definitely a reason to come here. This was an experience. As someone who doesn’t drink they made me a nice mocktail and a pleasurable atmosphere.Chace’s place makes you feel at home, and probably because it is located in a converted house. Enjoy the sleek interior or enjoy a beautiful night outside with friends.

Hondo’s On Main

When I asked everyone where to go to enjoy live music and good food, everyone pointed me to Hondo’s On Main. While I did not eat here I did see a little bit of live music, and see many people enjoying beers from local brewers, Texas BBQ, and other awesome Texas staples.

Hondos on maine
Live Music at Hondo’s On Main

Hill Country Herb Garden

After enjoying the heartier and heavier Texas style meals, you may want to try meals with wellness in mind at Hill Country Herb Garden Restaurant. They also have some very tasty cold smoothies and juices perfect to help alleviate the Texas heat. I enjoyed a smoothie, burrata salad, and tried the pimento grilled cheese. They also have a spa you can check out or if you are too full to leave you can stay in their unique stay as well. There is also a garden which they draw inspiration from for their menu. Definitely a memorable experience dining here and super peaceful.

Luckenbach Texas

is a great place to experience the nightlife near Fredericksburg, with its live music and you can see the old post office of the town as well. This is the most popular dancehall in the area, while I did not get to see it at night I grabbed something from the shop in the old post office and watched some live music. Many events happen here, just check out their website!   https://www.luckenbachtexas.com

luckenbach Texas kissing booth
Luckenbach Texas

Hotels and Accommodations in Fredericksburg Texas

Fredericksburg is a great vacation destination for a girl’s weekend, solo travelers, or a romantic weekend and there are many options including hotels, inns, VRBO/AirBnBs, and rustic places to meet your needs and budgets. One way to compare prices and check availability is to check www.booking.com  Some notable places include the Stay Onera (where I stayed), Trueheart Hotel, HoneyTreeHoffman Haus, and Fredericksburg Inn & Suites, and there are some delightful curated options. 

Stay Onera

https://stayonera.com This luxury accommodation is located in a natural setting offering various experiences from spa treatments to private chefs, in a natural setting. My tiny uniquely designed cabin hideaway had its jacuzzi. This luxury stay also has so many curated experiences you can have such as a romantic weekend or a great girls’ getaway. I truly loved it. While I had my own soak tub outside in nature, there was also a great communal area with a container pool, sauna, and also areas to relax under the twinkling lights at night.

The Trueheart Hotel

If you want to stay in a boutique hotel I would also check out The Trueheart Hotel, which has a mix of cottages, suites, and a whole lot of southern charm. The cutest thing is they deliver biscuit breakfast baskets (for an extra charge), but it is so nice to be able to have breakfast in bed so it is great for a romantic retreat.

Hill Country Herb Garden Cabins

While I only ate here and that was fantastic, I did get to tour the property and spa. I can tell you this is perfect as well for a wellness escape. Especially to escape the stress of the city. Also, they have everything you need from a spa, restaurant, as well as a load of privacy with their little cute cabins in Fredericksburg Texas. These remind me of the Sunday houses the settlers used here. This is by far one of the best cabins in Fredericksburg Texas.

Sunday Houses 

Also some unique places match those that love nature or history like the Sunday Houses as you will read more below. Sunday Houses were smaller second homes in the center of town in the 1800s. Farmers or ranchers would come on weekends to create a sense of community since farms were generally spread out and this gave a sense of community. Several remain and can be seen in town. https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/entries/sunday-houses

VRBO – VRBO is great if you are looking for more of a homey feel as a digital nomad or family traveling. www.vrbo.com

Directions – How to Get to Fredericksburg, Texas? 

Getting to Fredericksburg is very easy, being almost equidistant to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) www.austintexas.gov/airport and San Antonio International Airport (SAT) www.flysanantonio.com with international airports if you are traveling from further away and it’s easy to get here if you are closer. I happened to go to Fredericksburg via the airport in San Antonio and found it very easy.

Is Fredericksburg Texas Safe?  

Yes! Based on my experience I felt very safe traveling around the town. It is a smaller town with a population of 11k+, but it does get a lot of visitors. Like in any town, all tourists should be careful, but I felt very safe. 

Final Thoughts

What can I say, Fredericksburg Texas was a wonderful surprise and I found the history, German heritage, food, and natural beauty so amazing. You must come for a visit to this wonderful town and experience the great Texas Hill Country. I truly enjoyed it and can’t wait to return.   Tschuss (Goodbye)

Fun Fact about Fredericksburg Texas

—Fredericksburg has the largest wildflower farm in the country.

—Special Mention: For those that love bats, you can see them seasonally at the nightly cave swarm at Old Tunnel State Park (the smallest Texas state park).

Fredericksburg Texas Events

  1. Trade Days: Fredericksburg Trade Days is a monthly event held on the third weekend of each month. It features over 350 vendors offering antiques, collectibles, crafts, and more.
  2. Texas Hill Country Film Festival: This annual film festival celebrates independent cinema and often takes place in Fredericksburg, showcasing a variety of films and providing a platform for filmmakers.
  3. Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest: Typically held in October, this event features wine tastings, local cuisine, and live entertainment, celebrating the region’s culinary and viticulture offerings.
  4. Oktoberfest: Fredericksburg’s Oktoberfest is a well-known event that takes place in October. It’s a celebration of German heritage with traditional music, food, beer, and activities.
  5. Peach Jamboree and Rodeo: Fredericksburg is famous for its peaches, and this annual event, usually held in June, celebrates the local peach harvest with a rodeo, parades, and peach-related activities.
  6. VFD Crawfish Festival: This crawfish festival, organized by the Volunteer Fire Department, typically takes place in May and features live music, a crawfish boil, and family-friendly activities.
  7. Hill Country Film Festival: This annual event showcases independent films and often takes place in Fredericksburg, attracting filmmakers and film enthusiasts from around the region.
  8. Christmas Parade and Holiday Events: Fredericksburg gets festive during the holiday season with a Christmas parade, lighting ceremonies, and other seasonal events.

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The Best Things To Do In Fredericksburg Texas from unique stays, to hiking enchanted rock, and exploring the food scene Downtown.

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