I was hosted by Getaway House and all thoughts as well as opinions are my own!

Getaway House is the ultimate escape from it all, but just in reach to make your weekend away truly one of ease and relaxation. Many Americans go on vacation once a year, and it has been a year of many surprises that have curtailed many people’s plans to go away. Looking for escape not far from home has never sounded so good. A Getaway House experience is an escape truly away from it all: away from the news, away from cellphones (more on this later), away from work, and literally away from it all.

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“All Good Things Are Wild and Free”

Henry David Thoreau

When we want to escape, there is no better place to hit the reset button, than in nature. Often when I travel I find myself constantly feeling the need to be somewhere, see something, and often forget to rest and relax. Getaway House is not only a place to sleep but instills a spirit of mindful relaxation by asking guests in the Getaway guide to set their intentions for their stay. A lockbox to put away your phone is front and center as you enter the cabin. You are there to Getaway. My stay at Getaway House was honestly the best night of sleep I have had in a while and a time that I could truly treat myself to the self-love and care I needed.

What is Getaway house?


Getaway House is an urban escape for guests and was established in 2015. People come to Getaway Outposts to let go of things like work, the news, and technology to allow people to reconnect to what matters to them. Without distractions, Getaway House provides a safe space to truly get the time and space in nature to truly hit the pause button on work or whatever is pulling at you.

What makes Getaway House so special?

Usually camping and getting into nature is a huge ordeal that takes a lot of preparation. That is why I love how Getaway House provides everything you need when you arrive. A warm cabin (they have AC as well), some provisions, a fire pit with a fire-starting kit, Adirondack chairs, a picnic table, kitchen, and plush Queen-sized beds in your cabin with a large glass window making up an entire side of the Getaway House.

You definitely have seen these Instagram-able tiny homes on social media. The giant window lets in natural light and offers an amazing view for each cabin. Some cabins are located on lakes, others on top of mountains, but one thing they have in common is the cozy feel and ease of settling into your tiny home for your stay at the Getaway Outpost.

How to Relax at your Getaway House? Getaway House Review on the experience of glamping at Getaway. Travels of Sarah Fay reading on the bed with a giant window overlooking fall foliage and a lake!
How to Relax at your Getaway House?

Getaway House: The Tiny Home Movement and Provides the Essentials

Getaway House is a minimalist’s perfect idea of a holiday away and really shows how little you need to be happy. While it is not a 5-star luxury hotel, it is a 100 % beautiful great glamping option. you find that it strips away the unnecessary things that will draw you away from the people you are with or being able to truly get away. There isn’t tv, no wifi, extra rooms, and it connects you with the outdoors. Every Getaway Outpost has a few nature trails as well as a guide to things in the area if you choose you to want to leave your oasis away from modern life.

One last note, I love supporting businesses that support change. When Getaway House started the Year of Rest Campaign to share the experience of getting away in nature for rest for people fighting for change. The 100 days are being featured on Getaway Houses blog and sharing the stories of those making efforts to make positive changes in the world.

What are Getaway House Cabins Like?

Embracing the tiny home movement, minimalism, and nature, Getaway Cabins are tiny around 140-200 square feet with everything you could possibly need in the woods. The Getaway House is equipped with a bathroom, shower, A/C, heat, wireless speaker, AM/FM radio, books, cards, and a tiny kitchen.

Getaway House Review Video – Getaway Asheboro

What’s in the Getaway Cabin?

Here is everything you can expect to find in your cabin:

  • Queen Bed or Two lofted queen beds if you get a cabin for 4 people. AC/Heat
  • A Very Small Mirror
  • Stocked Kitchenette with Provisions all under $10 USD, or you can order the entire sustenance box for $30 USD and not need anything else. 
  • Mini fridge, a ruvati sink (with drinkable water), induction stove
  • Basic cooking, dining essentials, plates, lighters, pots, cups, scissors, etc)
  • Paper towels, soap, etc.
  • Bottle openers
  • Complimentary olive oil, salt, pepper, cream for coffee, and sugar
  • A small selection of food for purchase (think coffee, hot cocoa, cookies,  
  • Small dining table with sufficient seating for 2
  • Full bathroom with a toilet, hot shower, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a first aid kit (which includes tampons!)
  • The Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are organic and biodegradable by Pharmacopia. Bath Towels are also provided.
  • A radio, books, and games
  • Lantern for your nighttime activities by the fire.
  • Yes there is electricity and outlets
  • Wood, Firestarter kit that’s foolproof available for purchase for $10 USD.

Where can I find Getaway House Outpost Locations?

Getaway Houses are located in a “secret location” and are located no more than 2 hours away from major 14 cities across the United States. This makes it the perfect getaway since you can just get outside for just a night or two. It is perfect for a staycation and respite from city life.

Getaway House Locations

  • Atlanta: Getaway Chattahoochee in Suches, Georgia
  • Boston: Getaway Blake Brook in Epsom, New Hampshire
  • Between Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina: Getaway Asheboro
  • Washington DC: Getaway Shenandoah is a short distance from Shenandoah National Park in Stanardsville, Virginia
  • New York City: Getaway Catskills in Catskill, New York
  • Portland: Getaway Mount Adams in Glenwood, Washington
  • Los Angeles: Getaway Big Bear in Running Springs, California
  • Dallas: Getaway Piney Woods in LaRue, Texas
  • Houston: Getaway Brazos Valley in Navasota, Texas
  • Between Austin and San Antonio: Getaway Hill Country in Wimberley, Texas
  • Between Pittsburgh and Cleveland: Getaway Beaver Creek in Lisbon, Ohio

Getaway Asheboro: My Experience

My Getaway was an hour and a half outside of Charlotte, North Carolina at the Asheboro Outpost right before my visit with Explore Charlotte. The location was picture perfect especially during October to see the fall leaves. The guide shared activities in the area including restaurants, hikes, and I was even able to check out the North Carolina Zoo which was only 10 minutes away from my Getaway House!

Prior to checking in, I decided to head to the North Carolina Zoo and it was amazing. The zoo is actually the largest natural habitat zoo in the world and if you walked the whole path around the zoo it is 5 miles long!

My cabin was called Perfecto and I absolutely loved the location of my tiny cabin in the woods on the Piedmont Loop overlooking the lake. There was even a trail right near my cabin that I took a walk around during sunset. After a day of exploring I cooked dinner yummy mac and cheese, hot dogs, and s’ mores on my own campfire (that I made BY MYSELF)!

The next morning, I awoke with the sun shining into my cabin, and made some coffee. After a lazy morning in bed reading, taking a shower, and planning my day it was finally time to check-out. Sad, but all good things come to an end. However, my North Carolina journey was just starting. Before heading to Charlotte, I checked out the nearby Pisgah Covered Bridge and Uwharrie National Forest before making my way to the Queen City.

Booking Getaway House

Not only is Getaway House a place to escape, but the entire process from booking to check-in and check-out is equally stress-free. Just use the website getaway.house , choose where you want to Getaway from, how many people, and beds you need. Check the availability and book. When you book you actually give your cell phone number where they send instructions as your stay goes closer on where your cabin is located and more information on Checking In. The whole process is perfect for a socially distanced Getaway and there is no contact to check-in or check -out. A perfect escape for sure during the coronavirus craziness.


As with most things good things come at a price. Getaway House has given me a code SARAHFAY in order to offset the cost by $25 USD!!!!

The cabins range in price from $99 USD to $369 depending on the location and time of year. However, they also offer weekday packages at some locations.

Also, if you want to take your four-legged friend they love pets! For $40 USD you can take your dog along on the Getaway House experience.

How to get to the Getaway House and check-in/check-out process?

Getaway House Outpost Asheboro, North Carolina map and layout of the outpost.
Getaway House Outpost Asheboro North Carolina

A few days before my arrival I received the exact address of my Getaway House, which is a “secret” although you can find the information on the exact location of the Getaway Outpost in advance if you wish. On the day of arrival, I received a text and email about my check-in time at 3 pm and my key code to unlock my Getaway House cabin. I also received a downloadable map of the Getaway Outpost.

Since service can be spotty since you are in nature, it is easy to find your cabin after you receive the name of your cabin and code. Almost everything you need is in your cabin, if you would like a certain food or things make sure to stop at the local grocery store. If you need anything during your stay there is also a phone in the room to reach the Outpost managers. Check out is at 11 am and is easy! Just tidy up and close the door behind you.

What to bring to Getaway House?

When packing for Getaway House, I would say to not bring much. Getaway House spirit is about getting away from it all, see what is absolutely essential, and you will see there is not much you need to be happy in the wilderness. I would suggest bringing these few items to make your experience unforgettable:

  • Grill pan because you cannot cook with pans in the kitchen outside.
  • Ingredients for S’mores! Bring a stick for roasting your marshmallows.
  • Bug Spray, Sunscreen.
  • Headlamp for night hikes, or just to assist you in safely making your campfire.
  • Portable speaker to vibe outside. However, respect your neighbors some Getaway Houses have only 50 ft to 150 ft in between them.
  • Groceries- I loved that there was a grocery store only 15 minutes from my cabin. Most Getaway House Outposts are very close to a grocery store. But I would always bring some extra snacks and drinks with you.
  • Bring whatever book, suduko puzzles, or creative things suit you whether you are alone or with friends.

Alone in the Wilderness?

Getaway House Asheboro offers amazing tiny home cabin rentals in the woods and gets urban dwellers into nature.
Getaway House Outpost Asheboro. My cabin “Perfecto” located on the Piedmont Loop with a lake view.

While you are never really alone at a Getaway Outpost, many may wonder what will I do alone in my Getaway House? Well, I am personally telling you as a solo female traveler that loves to be social, I found the Getaway House experience especially revitalizing. When I arrived at the cabin, I took out the little Getaway House Guide and I set my intentions. My intentions were to truly relax and not worry about anything that wasn’t in the “now”. 

I then challenged myself to making a campfire, reading to go to sleep versus binging on Netflix, and only use my phone for pictures to document my experience. 

There were plenty of things for me to do and keep busy around the Getaway Outpost. I could have stayed longer, to be honest. I loved my experience and being able to take my time, take photos of the beautiful fall foliage, and be selfish to have nature to myself for the night.

What to do at Getaway House? (Going solo? No worries)

Pisgah Covered Bridge is located in the Uwharrie National Forest and is close to the Getaway House Outpost Asheboro North Carolina.

There are many things to do near your Getaway Outposts and the people at Getaway House make it easy for you with a Getaway for each outpost, as well as online resources that acquaint you with your Getaway Outpost, like this one for Getaway Asheboro.

My Getaway was really close to the Uwharrie National Forest, so there was plenty of hiking trails and outdoor activities nearby. Many locations are located in outdoor paradises that have loads of outdoor activities, so you will probably never get bored. However, the design of the space itself is to be enjoyed. My favorite thing to do was relax on my plush queen bed and stare at my great view.

Things to do Near Getaway Outposts

Yet again Getaway House hit the nail on the head and makes it easy for guests to get acquainted with their surroundings. Very little to no planning is necessary to book a Getaway House, which is part of the draw.

Before I arrived, I received an email that gave me a link to the best my Getaway House area had to offer. From restaurants and grocery stores to local hikes, trails, and sights to see.

Another thing that I loved to do at my Getaway House was just experiencing tiny home living and do nothing, absolutely nothing. It is about taking the time to be away and for yourself. If you are traveling with friends then have conversations about life and your dreams. Maybe you will find new creative ideas you want to pursue after you leave this slice of heaven on earth.


Is Getaway House Safe? (Especially for Solo Travelers)

Sarah Fay reading Walden Pond in her Getaway Cabin at night. A great thing to do in Getaway House is read and just be.

The code to a digital lock is sent directly to your cell phone you provide when you book. Also, the code to get in is unique and changes with each guest that stays at Getaway House. There are also grounds Also, you get your cabin name texted to you as well. Many of the cabins have a homey feel since they are named after the grandmothers of staff members.

The added interior lock is in the interior that can only be unlocked from the interior. While I was traveling there alone, I felt completely safe. I did see my neighbors once, but otherwise, I felt like I was in the wilderness on my pond like Henry David Thoreau.  I even read his book, Walden Pond, while I was there.

If you want time to reflect on something going on in your life or take the time to relax unattached to your phone, work, or anyone else this is definitely a great place to come and feel safe sleeping in the woods. I definitely think this is a perfect primer for camping solo if that is something you are interested in doing as well.

How safe is Getaway House during Covid 19?

The Getaway House is cleaned by staff members that where PPE in-between guest stays and if you need anything you can call them with a phone in the room. Getaway House observes all the CDC guidance and protocols for keeping guests safe during Covid-19.

Getaway House Review: Is this experience for me?

I love being in the outdoors as much as possible and I love a little bit of intrigue. From the moment you book Getaway House sets the tone to a wonderful experience that makes you feel like you are going far off to a retreat, when in fact you are only a few hours or less from a city. There is nothing like surrounding yourself in nature, while I love camping as well as a 5-star resort, I can easily say a stay at Getaway is a more holistic experience and is supposed to take the planning out of your hands. It makes it easy and truly a vacation to take a short break from our day to day lives to simply Getaway.

If you are someone that needs a TV before bed, or wants to be totally connected at all times, this may not be for you. But if you want to try something new and get a taste of the outdoors this is definitely the right step in that direction. It is comfortable, clean, and in carefully curated locations that will make your Getaway House stay extra special. I would say this is perfect for someone trying out getting into nature to hike solo safely. Finally, while there are many ways to enjoy Getaway with your Pup, solo, or with a group of up to 4 friends this is definitely an experience that is worth trying and perfect during these weird times we living in.


Book with Code “SarahFay” for $25 USD OFF your Booking with Getaway House

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