There are many different styles of travelers, and it can be hard to buy a gift for someone that appreciates experiences over material things. However, If you are looking for gifts for someone traveling abroad here are some of the best small gifts, as well as useful travel gifts for her or him that will definitely be appreciated by a traveler. Travelers can be a great group of unique and interesting people. Some lean towards tech gear, and others toward adventure or comfort. No matter what your travel preferences are, I am sure you will find some great gift ideas for the holidays for the travelers in your life (and maybe for yourself). I have traveled to over 60+ countries and I have some great gift ideas for you or your friends and families that travel whether near or far.

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Gifts for someone traveling abroad under $25

Packing Cubes – Bagail 8 Set Packing Cubes – This set of cubes is great, I bought the 8 pack since some trips require more clothes that helps when I separate items in different bags. This is colored in pink for Travel Gifts for Women or Moms, while you can get darker colors for those travel gifts for him.  I actually bought several sets in different colors in the event I go somewhere warm and cold, I tend to separate my items or if you’re a mom or pop and bring your kids you can separate their items by color too.

  1. Nomadic Towel Quick dry and lightweight perfect for packing no matter what trip. These lightweight quick-drying towels are great if you travel and may need a personal towel that can dry quickly, especially if you are hiking, go to the beach, etc. The price is reasonable too and there are fancier designs if you prefer that too. Also it is sand resistant! I have one designed with all of the national parks on it in the United States.
Nomadix quick drying towel perfect gift for travelers abroad

Charmking Compression Socks for Women and Men 3 Pack – Whether you travel by car, plane or train, compression socks can help both women travelers or men travelers. This is a popular travel gift and reasonably priced under $15. This is also great if you travel and run or bike along the way.

Practical Travel Gifts

Travel Inspira Portable Digital Luggage Scale – I use the  portable lightweight scale as many airlines weigh your bags, whether they are checked or carry on. It is easy to carry along with you on your travels and I used this for my most recent trips.. Besides the weight in pounds and grams, it also gave me the temperature! An added bonus and this was under $10 at the time I bought it. All you have to do is attach it to your bag and hang it/lift the bags. This purchase can save you alot in overweight charges!  This is a great lightweight gift to take abroad.

Apple AirTag – The single Apple AirTag is under $25 and may be a great gift if you want to try out tracking your checked bag or your carry on that has your laptop, cameras, tech etc. You can use your iPhone to track the location, awesome!  I also have the link to the Apple AirTag 4 Pack which is under $100 that I also purchased (sometimes I have a lot of bags), as well as the Ccigedy 4 Pack Keychain Waterproof Airtag Holder (under $10) you can add to it. I use these both and it works great. This is a way to feel safe while traveling and a perfect gift for someone traveling abroad.

Apple AirTags the best gift for travelers abroad to keep track of their valuables and luggage

Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks These luggage locks use a cable to be able to lock zippers, on suitcases, backpacks, etc, and they are TSA approved for a reasonable cost. From what I found, it may help dissuade any pick pockets or slow them down at least. They are reasonably priced and I use them on my bags. This is another way to stay safe traveling.

Perfect Gift For A Solo Traveler

Newest 62” Phone TripodThese expandable tripods are awesome and very reasonably priced, at under $25 when I bought it. It folds down to a small size and I bring this along with me on my solo travels abroad (and it has a handy remote). People ask me how do I take photos and video solo for my travel blog- this is my answer.

Gifts for Travelers from $25 to $50

Universal Travel Power Adapter – EPICKA All in One Worldwide Wall Charger -This is the gift for those that travel abroad. This updated travel adapter has options like taking more than just plugs, but has USC ports, Type C, etc. options so you can charge phone and laptop at the same time. Having one that is good for multiple regions is a must for as a gift for someone traveling abroad in 2023.

Anker Power Bank Portable ChargerIf you are like me at times you can’t find an outlet or way to charge your phone, etc. but having a power pack is always a great idea. I have long used one both traveling abroad or in the USA. They are so handy. I try to buy a more powerful one since I do hike and go remote at times, helpful for the safe traveler.

ProCase Hard Travel Electronic Organizer Case for MacBook – I love using my organizer so I don’t lose any of my chords,etc. I find it helpful to keep my MacBook adapter safe, along with organizing other electronic cords, especially those that can be hard to find traveling abroad. While this specially helps with a MacBook, this works for other brands too.

The Perfect Gift For Active Travelers

Swimsuits from Londre Bodywear or OOSC There are two companies that I have been loving for swimwear and they could not be more different. I love the neutral elegance of Londre with swimsuits that can almost become outfits with the right cover ups. 

Also for those that like snow sports check out OOSC.

The next one I have bee loving for fun ski holidays and bright colors for tropical destinations or pool parties is OOSC. Use code BB10 for 10 percent off. I love my fresh prince of Bel Air print and the mens shirt I paired it with as a cover up. They also have swimming trunks for him, so you can find a great colorful gift for your man. The also make some sick ski and snowboard suits,pants, and other gear for the colder months. 

Gifts for someone traveling abroad for $50 to $100 

Beats Solo 3 with BlueTooth – Just under $100 at $99.95, these work great and have assorted colors for gifts for him or her travelers. My bright orange Beats are my favorite thing to take along on any flight, train or trip. I love the wireless Beats that cancel all the outside noise. It’s a brief way to escape the busy day to hear great music or listen to soothing sounds.

CamelBak Classic Bike Hydration Pack 70 oz I recently used this CamelBak pack to go on my hike in the WadiRum desert in Jordan.This is a great gift for travelers, especially those who hike or bike and want to remain safe during your travels abroad.

Aeropress is my new favorite coffee on the go product. It is perfect for traveling, road trips, backpacking trips, and camping trips. It allows you to have a very good cup of coffee in just 1 minute. Just add hot water and your favorite coffee grounds. Use code SARAHFAY15 for 15 percent off.

Grayl Geopress Waterbottle – Access to fresh water is something you should never take for granted and never have to live without if you give the gift of Grayl. I loved traveling around South America with my Grayl water bottle and taking it on hikes. It has a great filter allowing you to drink from streams and enjoy the freshest water of your life. 

Gifts For Someone Traveling Abroad For Over $100 for Travelers

GoPro Hero Black 11: I love my GoPro Hero Black 11 with Creator Kit that comes with great accessories. I have owned GoPro’s for some time and this is a great way to take pics and videos as you travel. The 12 is the most recent version and I had the 5, 8, etc. and they have various price points, but I love them. 

Garmin InReach Mini 2 – This is a great idea for those that travel a lot, including off the grid hikers. The Mini 2 is run using global satellite coverage, it is a great idea for those that are not near internet connections. With the Garmin Mini you can text to let friends or family know where you are. This is helpful for all but especially solo travelers like me. I know I have hiked in some national parks without any service and this is very handy in those circumstances. This is one of the best “safe travel gifts”.

Merino Wool Shacket and travel clothes – I love traveling with my Merino Wool it is moisture wicking, is great to wear when regulating my temperature in a variety of climates, and stylish. There are two companies I really love. But Woolx wins in terms of styling with their amazing shacket! I take it with me everywhere once the fall weather hits. I also love Unbound Merino for a variety of clothes like their Merino wool dress, leggings, and shirt.

Backpacks and Luggage depending on the type of Traveler 

No one can go wrong with finding gifts for someone traveling abroad if you get a great travel pack. Depending on the type of traveler these are some great gift options!

For the Day Tripper 

Cotopaxi Allpa 28 L or Tropicfeel Shellpack   

Recently I have been loving my Tropicfeel backpack to hold my camera, laptop, and even fits clothes with a wardrobe packing cube addition that fits perfectly inside. Also, it is quite sturdy to help protect your things. Also they have pretty nice waterproof shoes to match the backpack.

If you want more of a day pack for traveling or a hiking pack I recommend checking out Cotopaxi for te Allpa 28 liter it is perfect for holding a camelback, has built in packing cube compartments to help with organization, and opens completely open flat. 

For the Weekend Tripper 

I love my Tropicfeel Shell Backpack which is a base for all sorts of fun accessories that make packing go smooth like the wardrobe that fits neatly in the bag, the fidlock toiletry bag, and even a camera cube for traveling photographers. 

For the Luggage over Backpack Traveler 

Note:  There are so many suitcase options and various brands that I have used including Samsonite, Tumi, ROAM, etc. It depends on your price point and type of traveling you do. But now the popular carry ons in these brands allow many to travel, especially abroad, without the checked bag fee. Thus, I did not mention any one brand or type. Check the main carrier you use since they have different requirements. 

Roam Luggage allows you to customize the colors of the front, back shell, wheel colors, as well as even allows you to put initials monogrammed on the bag! 

My Samsonite set was a dark blue and really looked chic for a work traveler. 

These holiday gift suggestions are for travelers that go near or abroad. Some of these are great gifts for those that travel for business too. Moreover, perhaps this gives you some ideas to elevate your own travel plans. Please share this with your family and friends too. 

Either way I wish you happy holidays and hope this helps you find gifts for someone traveling abroad.

Here are 20 gifts for someone traveling abroad in 2023 and 2024 that will help your year round find the perfect gift.

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