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Route 66 restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine. Sarah Fay standing on fake decorated street.


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My blog is to inspire people to move outside of their comfort zone and explore the world without being afraid to do it alone. I have been to 49 countries, 4. continents, and lived abroad in 4 countries. When it comes to saying yes to adventure, and getting out of my comfort zone I am an expert. Follow my blog for travel guides, road trip ideas, and solo travel. 

Sarah Fay standing on top of Machu Picchu
21 Things to Do in St. Louis (Missouri)

21 Things to Do in St. Louis (Missouri)

The gateway to the West, the convergence of the Missouri and Mississippi River, and the culturally rich and historically significant the city of St. Louis is worth your time. There is no shortage of things to do in St. Louis. With a Midwest charm the people of Saint Louis were some of the friendliest I have come across during my travels across the United States.


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