The Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in Nashville

Broadway street in Nashville with many bars.

For singers, song writers, and country music fans from around the world, Nashville is the place to be. Surprise I am a country music fan! However, don’t fret if you are not there are plenty of things to do and also a whole alternative music scene brewing in Nashville.

Nashville has so much more to offer than just it’s music scene, it has a rich history, booming art scene, and a dynamic food scene that will make your bellies scream with excitement.

So here is your guide for a Smashville Nashville Long Weekend!

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Helsinki the Hidden Gem of Scandinavia

Sitting on the Steps with Helsinki Cathedral in the background.

Helsinki is off the beat track when it comes to the normal “Scandinavian tourist trail”. Most people traveling to Scandinavia head to Copenhagen, the Fjords of Norway, and Stockholm, and seem to skip over Helsinki.

To be honest I have never been so pleasantly surprised by a country and city, such as Helsinki. I used to be a travel snob. Wondering why people would go to certain destinations over more popular destinations such as Italy, or Spain.

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Glasgow vs. Edinburgh: Which City Should You Visit in Scotland?

Glasgow vs. Edinburgh

After living in Edinburgh, Scotland in fall of 2016 I learned about the rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Yet I never understood the real root of it and joined ranks with Edinburgh lovers. However, after this summer I found that Glasgow was a gem that I had missed during my time living in Scotland. Other than a brief time at the Glasgow airport and trip to the bus station I largely had written it off. I preferred to go to the Highlands, see castles in the countryside, and visit the picture-perfect postcard settings such as the Isle of Skye and Iona.

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Solo Travel Advice for Wanderlust Women

Solo Travel Advice for Wanderlust Women

Solo female travel across the map is soaring. The Travel Industry Association showed that 32 million women traveled solo at least once in the past year, with 3 out of 10 women traveling 5 or more times. Between 2015- 2017 Hostelworld , the largest online hostel booking platform, showed a 42% growth in solo bookings regardless of gender.

When I began traveling solo abroad in 2014, it still was seen as a brave and risky endeavor, but times and attitudes have changed. The world now sees solo travel as an adventurous and culturally enriching experience that allows the traveler to feel free without the need to please a travel buddy or worry about someone else.

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