When preparing to go on a trip, what you carry with you is critical as it will dictate the ease or nightmare of your journey! Whether it is your seasonal adventure or your first trip, it is always essential to get yourself a list of the travel basics you may consider packing for your retreat. With an endless list of new inventions coming up every day, this is no big deal – right? Wrong! Everyone needs a packing list, a stylish yet practical one at that! Here are some must-have travel companions you may want to consider to keep you moving freely. 

A hands-free crossbody bag

This bag has proven to be a crucial addition to an everyday wardrobe. Boasting its versatility and comfort alongside a stylish design that seamlessly merges utility and beauty. Making it possible to carry your passport in one hand, and Starbucks in the other while moving through any airport! When you arrive at your destination, this type of bag is also essential because you can ensure your goods will be safe, you can dance away all night, and wander freely, without having to worry about pickpockets. For a durable bag, check out some Italian leather crossbody bags from online marketplaces like Mirta, that sources amazing quality and design bags from small artisans. Bonus tip, make sure you get a wallet that is RFID protected so your cards and identity are safe! 

Charlotte Tilbury makeup compacts

Charlotte Tilbury is the British makeup queen and launched her line a few years ago and oh my goodness, it’s amazing! You can get full look pallets with blush, foundation, lipstick, and mascara all in one so you can have all your makeup needs in ONE small compact (to fit in your handy dandy crossbody bag). Feel beautiful and be ready for anything on the go, at any time! You can tune into her Instagram or Youtube channels to see how she does certain makeup tricks and looks for extra tips and ease. While I love getting outdoors I also love getting dressed up so this great being on the go. 

A smart suitcase that tells you its weight

Flying has always been stressful, and trying to cope with weight and size restrictions on luggage does not make it any better! Fortunately, there are self-weighing suitcases on the market that have come to transform our travel experience. 

These suitcases work together with free apps that pair with the suitcase through Bluetooth and also provides traffic alerts, current weather conditions, details on your flight, the location of your suitcase, AND also charges your phone and laptop! 

Carry-on sized dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a hair styling product that is an absolute necessity for some, especially long-haul flights! Thankfully many cult-favorite brands like Batiste have small travel size canisters. 

Such hairspray and cosmetic products are allowed in airports and can fit well in your carry on. Using such a vital shampoo is a heaven-sent product especially during travels.

Universal travel adapter

An adaptor is a device that can convert the power of one electrical system or device to those of an otherwise incompatible one. Some of them modify signal and power features, while some merely adapt the physical form between connectors. 

Having a universal travel adapter with you during a trip is key to a flawless travel experience. I don’t want to remember all of the times I forgot this and then could not charge my electronics. Many companies make these, and they have outlets that will have you covered for the EU, UK, Asia, US, and many other types of adaptors for every country.

No matter where you are at or where you are heading, there are always a few essential pieces everybody needs to keep moving whether you are traveling by car, air, or train! 

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