Introduction: Enchanting Fall Hues Beckon in Jasper National Park

Amidst the enchanting allure of fall foliage, my journey unfolded into the heart of Jasper National Park. Pyramid Lake Lodge, with its new Founders Cabins, became the canvas for my autumn escapade and where I woke up every morning to fog lifting above the trees over the lake, and the towering Pyramid Lake Mountain view from my balcony.  This narrative unravels the immersive experiences, culinary delights, and natural wonders that define a fall retreat in Jasper.  

Follow along on my journey as I share some of the best things to do from the heart of Jasper National Park, and see why a stay at Pyramid Lake Lodge is perfect to explore the best things to do in Jasper National Park. Find the best culinary delights, natural wonders, and see why Jasper is a perfect escape for everyone from adventurers to foodies! 

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How To Get To Jasper National Park: A Picturesque Drive to Jasper National Park

The Scenic Route from Calgary: A Road Trip to Remember

Embarking on a road trip from Calgary, the Icefields Parkway unfolded as a scenic spectacle, which I wrote about in my Banff Itinerary. Each twist and turn revealed the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies—snow-capped peaks, glacial lakes, and sprawling forests with its changing colors at the start of fall. The journey itself was a prelude to the awe-inspiring wonders of Jasper National Park.

Where To Stay Jasper National Park

While there are a few options in Jasper Town, I fell in love with the idea of finding a retreat escape in Jasper National Park that felt secluded. There is nothing better than staying in cabins in Jasper National Park. Where I could wake up to adventure, nature, and also have amazing food. Welcome to Pyramid Lake Lodge

Jasper National Park Pyramid Lake Lodge
Pyramid Lake Lodge

Founders Cabins at Pyramid Lake Lodge: A Cozy Retreat

Founders Cabin Pyramid Lake Lodge Jasper National Park
Pyramid Lake Lodge New Founder’s Cabin

Founders Cabins: A Tranquil Haven in Autumn’s Embrace

Arriving at Pyramid Lake Lodge, the new Founders Cabins welcomed me with the look and feel of a cabin resort, but with interiors of a luxury escape. Nestled among the evergreen trees, these cabins blended rustic charm with modern comforts. The spacious interiors, adorned with warm hues, and the private deck overlooking Pyramid Lake, created a haven immersed in the serenity of fall.

The rooms had an espresso and coffee maker that had some high quality coffee, and was perfect to stay warm on my balcony taking in the views. 

Breakfast at Aalto: A Lakeside Culinary Symphony

Every morning, the culinary journey commenced with breakfast at Aalto. Overlooking Pyramid Lake, the restaurant offered a gourmet spread featuring local ingredients. From flaky pastries to hearty omelets, each dish was a symphony of flavors complemented by the backdrop of fall’s breathtaking hues.

For breakfast, I enjoyed anything from the classic, to unique twists on breakfast faves, I got the Gravlax toast with poached eggs and cured salmon. It was divine. 


Where to stay in Jasper National Park? Pyramid Lake Lodge by Pursuit Collection #hosted . I loved my stay and found it a great spot to adventure around Jasper National Park as well as enjoy the unique stay in the Founders Room with a lake view, private balcony, awesome shower, and amenities like kayak, sup, mountainbike rentals and a hot tub. Plus they have one of the best chefs in Jasper at Aalto. . Tag your outdoors loving friends. #jaspernationalpark #canadatravel #nationalparks #lodges #canadatiktok #jasper #pursuitcollection #luxurylodges #beautifulhotels

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A Day Exploring Pyramid Lake

Every morning I woke up early to see nature wake up around me. I loved being able to walk on the floating dock that had red adirondack chairs facing the lake and mountain. A layer of fog would hover over the lake, I felt like I had a front row view of Jasper making its autumn debut. 

Things to do Jasper National Park

Kayaking The Serene Waters Of Pyramid Lake 

No matter where I go I love to get on the water, and I love the fact that if you book directly with Pyramid Lake Lodge you get a one hour kayak rental for free! There are a few points you could kayak to, but the best part is you can just paddle to the center of the lake and float around with the best view of Pyramid Lake Mountain. I also paddled to Pyramid Island. 

Bike around Pyramid Lake 

Cycling around the lake as well as the surrounding area is a great way to see Jasper National Park. Pyramid Lake is only 5 km to Downtown Jasper, and you could also bike to Pyramid Island. 

Hike Around Pyramid Lake 

If you want to explore by hiking make sure you bring bear spray! This hike around the lake takes around 3.7 Miles round trip on the Pyramid Lake Loop trail. I would suggest you use AllTrails to make sure you don’t get lost. Also, it is perfect to find other trails in the area. 

Jasper National Park In Winter 

The best part is as fall turns to winter the adventures in Jasper National Park don’t stop. If you are at Pyramid Lake Lodge you can enjoy ice skating on Pyramid Lake with Pyramid Lodge in the distance. Not only that, you can take a sleigh ride on Pyramid Lake as well! This is getting me excited to go back in the winter. 

Sunset at Pyramid Lake: Nature’s Spectacle Unveiled

As the sun dipped below the horizon, I found myself at Pyramid Lake, witnessing a breathtaking sunset. The reflection of the vibrant fall hues in the calm waters created a mesmerizing landscape. It was a moment of tranquility, a visual poem composed by nature.

Stargazing at Pyramid Lake Lodge: Cosmic Reverie

The night sky at Pyramid Lake Lodge, situated in a designated Dark Sky Preserve, invited me to a cosmic reverie. Under a blanket of stars, I marveled at constellations and the Milky Way. The serenity of the night underscored the lodge’s commitment to preserving the purity of the night sky. Another option is to relax in the hot tub at Pyramid Lake Lodge to enjoy the stars.

Unique Dining Experience: Graze and Gaze

After a full day of exploring you may be hungry for a snack, but not quite ready for a sit down meal. If that is the case take part in Graze and Gaze where you can try light hor d’oeuvres and appetizers that will hold you over til dinner.

Maligne Canyon: A Feast for the Senses


When in Jasper National Park you must add taking the Maligne Lake Cruise by Pursuit Collection. It will take you to Spirit Island a spiritual place for the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, who believe mountains are physical representations of their ancestors. . It was made famous among photographers after it was used in a Kodak Campaign and again by Apple. . It is only accesible by boat and takes 4 hours each way if you were to paddle on your own. So taking the Malign Lake boat cruise is advisable. . After your cruise grab a bite at the Waffle Hut and coffee or hot cocoa to warm up. . Who is ready for a trip to the Canadian Rockies? . #hosted #pursuitlife #malignelake #jaspernationalpark #spiritisland #canadatravel #nationalparks #glacierlake #azurelake #beautifulplacesonearth #beautifulplacestotravel #malignlakecruise #jaspercanada

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Fall Foliage Hike: Maligne Canyon’s Palette Unveiled

Venturing into Maligne Canyon, I embarked on a sensory-rich hike. The vibrant colors of fall adorned the canyon walls, creating a striking contrast with the rushing waters below. The sound of the Maligne River echoing through the canyon became a melody that accompanied my exploration. This is by far one of the best hikes in Jasper National Park.  

Lunch at Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen: Gastronomy Amidst Nature

Midday brought me to Maligne Canyon  Wilderness Kitchen, an open-air restaurant surrounded by the pristine beauty of Maligne Canyon. The lunch menu, inspired by the seasonal harvest, showcased local flavors against the backdrop of Jasper’s Mountains and a stream going by.

A Boat Cruise to Spirit Island: The Crown Jewel Of Jasper National Park Lakes 

Spirit Island Maligne Lake Jasper National Park

There are many Jasper National Park Lakes, some of them easier to get to than others. Some of my favorite lakes were easy to get to and a beautiful drive. If you come to Pyramid Lake you can also enjoy nearby Medicine Lake on the way to explore the adventures that await on Maligne Lake!

Maligne Lake Boat Cruise: A Tranquil Journey to Spirit Island

Maligne Lake Boat Cruise Jasper National Park
Maligne Lake Boat Cruise by Pursuit Collection

Embarking on a boat cruise on Maligne Lake, I felt like we were gliding along the crystal-clear waters surrounded by towering peaks. The iconic Spirit Island, adorned in fall colors, stood as a testament to the park’s natural beauty. The crisp breeze and the scenic panorama created a moment of serenity, making the boat cruise a highlight of my Jasper escapade. The island is a spritual and protected place for the Stoney Naked First Nakoda First Nation. They believe the mountains surrounding the island are a representation of their ancestors.

Learn about the geography of the area, see glaciers, and when you get back eat a snack or lunch at the Waffle Hut, or unwind at the Lake House Cafe.

Dinner at Aalto: Culinary Elegance by Twilight


As the day transitioned into night, Aalto transformed into a haven of culinary elegance. Dinner by the lake featured an array of seasonal dishes, expertly prepared to delight the senses. The ambient lighting and the reflection of fall foliage on the lake created an intimate setting, making dinner at Aalto a delightful evening affair.

Aalto Hot Cocoa

Terra at The Crimson: A Culinary Treat in Jasper

Terra Restaurant: An Evening of Gastronomic Excellence

For a change of scenery, I ventured into Jasper town to dine at Terra, located at The Crimson Jasper. The restaurant’s warm ambiance and diverse menu showcased the chef’s dedication to culinary excellence. Each dish, a fusion of local and global flavors, provided a perfect finale to a day of exploration. This restaurant will have you taste the sights and surroundings with farmed and foraged food. 

My suggestion for breakfast here is the breakfast poutine.  For dinner here I tried the salmon, and a few people I was with got the steak. Also, you cannot miss the homemade sourdough bread, which is homemade and so delicious. 

Tips: Jasper National Park Animales

If you want to see Jasper National Park animals you may get lucky and see grizzlies (from a distance), eagles, elk, wolverines, mountain goats, moose, and more. However, I only saw an eagles nest, and elk. I wish I saw a grizzly, but I met another family at Pyramid Lake Lodge that saw a grizzly running on the side of the road as they drove to Maligne Lake. So it is possible! That is why it is important to be bear and moose aware, and carry bear spray when hiking.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Fall’s Bounty in Jasper’s Sanctuary

My fall retreat to Jasper National Park, with a stay at Pyramid Lake Lodge Founders Cabins, was a symphony of sensory delights and natural wonders. From the cozy cabin mornings to the culinary escapades at Aalto and Terra, each experience painted a vivid picture of autumn’s bounty. Jasper, with its timeless landscapes and welcoming lodgings, unfolded as a sanctuary where fall’s vibrant palette could be celebrated in perfect harmony. As the cool breeze whispered tales of the changing season, Pyramid Lake Lodge stood as a testament to the enduring beauty that defines Jasper’s wilderness.

How to get to Jasper National Park?

Jasper National Park, located in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada, is a stunning destination known for its breathtaking mountain scenery, glaciers, and abundant wildlife. Getting to Jasper involves a few transportation options, and here’s a general guide:

By Air:

  • Fly to Edmonton International Airport (YEG):
    • The most common gateway to Jasper is through Edmonton International Airport, which is approximately a 4-hour drive from the park.
    • Numerous airlines operate flights to Edmonton from major cities worldwide.
  • Calgary International Airport is also another great option if you want to see Banff National Park as well.
  • Numerous airlines operate flights to Calgary International Airport from major cities worldwide.
  • Fly into Calgary and either rent a car or take the Brewster Express to get to Banff and then to get to Jasper National Park. 
  • Rent a Car:
    • Once at the airport, rent a car. Several car rental agencies are available at the airport, and having a vehicle is the most convenient way to explore Jasper National Park.

Drive By Car:

  • Driving from Edmonton:
    • Head west on the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16) towards Jasper.
    • The drive is approximately 370 km (230 miles) and takes around 4 hours.
    • Enjoy scenic views along the route, and consider stopping at attractions like Hinton and the Columbia Icefield.
  • Driving from Calgary:
    • If you’re arriving from Calgary, drive north on the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93).
    • The journey is around 414 km (257 miles) and takes approximately 4.5 to 5 hours.
    • The Icefields Parkway is renowned for its spectacular views and is often considered one of the most beautiful drives in the world.

By Bus:

  • Brewster Express:
    • Brewster Express offers bus services from both Calgary and Edmonton to Jasper.
    • The journey provides passengers with the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views of the Rockies without the hassle of driving.

By Train:

Jasper Train Station
  • Via Rail:
    • Via Rail offers train services to Jasper from various locations, including Edmonton and Vancouver.
    • The train journey provides a unique and picturesque way to reach Jasper, offering stunning views of the Canadian Rockies.

Practical Tips:

  • Seasonal Considerations:
    • Be mindful of weather conditions, especially during winter. Roads may be snow-covered and icy, so check road conditions and consider using winter tires.
    • Summer months are the most popular time to visit, but the park is accessible year-round.
  • Accommodations:
    • Book accommodations in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability.
  • National Park Pass:
    • Obtain a National Park Pass at the entrance of Jasper National Park.
  • Visitor Centers:
    • Stop by the Jasper Visitor Information Centre for maps, information, and helpful tips.

Jasper National Park is a nature lover’s paradise, and the journey to reach it is an integral part of the adventure, offering breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies along the way.

Jasper National Park Map: Book your Stay!

Find a natural and tranquil fall escape in Jasper National Park. Find the best things to do in Jasper and where to stay in this guide!

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