Over the past two years, I have found joy like none other when I work out and get outdoors, but I always struggled to find great quality activewear sets until I found Wantable. I am always on the go and their service has definitely helped me find amazing activewear. Also, nowadays I don’t really love to go shopping in malls and stores since they are small and crowded. However, when I found Wantable’s subscription box service that offers personalized styling services and try before you buy items sent to your home I knew I had to try it.

Here is everything you need to know about the Wantable boxes and the active edit for all your fitness needs. I don’t know about you, but it just gives me that extra push to get outside and stay active every day. Wantable is a styling service that sends great clothes and accessories that are styled for you. They offer three different styling services: Style Edit, Fitness Edit, and Men’s Fitness Edit.

Wantable Active Edit Review: An Honest Review

How does Wantable service work?

From the moment you arrive on the Wantable site, you can take a style quiz for their style edit or active edit. The style quiz allows you to share with the stylists at Wantable your style preferences, what you absolutely hate or love, and leave comments on what you are looking for. Maybe you have a special event or trip coming up that requires something special. They will do their best to style you to make you feel extra special when you open up the box. I personally love the surprise! If there is anything you don’t want you have 5 days to ship it back to them and Wantable covers the shipping.

Getting Started: Style Quiz

The Active Edit style quiz starts off by asking questions about your sizes and shape. Then goes into seeing your preferences on prices for different types of items. Also, Wantable doesn’t want to send you anything you absolutely detest or won’t use. So, they also ask what types of items you are most likely to wear: a pullover, leggings, sports bras, and more activewear items. Another important thing they nail down is what types of workouts and things you use your activewear most for (even if it just for working from home).

Finally, you are able to share more on your personal style and what types of colors/ patterns you lean towards. I told them I wanted something bright and bold and was very happy with one of the sets.

When you complete the quiz, you can check out the Wantable stream for possible things in your size and style preferences to request an item (this is optional). However, it is great if you see something you must have and then the stylist can work around that item. They also offer limited time themed edits, such as their Home for the Holidays edit!

Sarah  fay working out in park with maaji workout activewear from wantable. Bright blue and green set with floral print.

What comes inside the Wantable box?

A Wantable edit whether it is the Style Edit or the Active Edit will come with 5 to 7 items. Wantable sends a UPS label, as well as a priority USPS priority shipping label and bag, to ship whatever you want to return/exchange. I thought it was a nice touch that it was labeled with a sticker that said styled for “Sarah”. There could be leggings, sports bras, a jacket, you name it. I was excited because my edit came with a reversible sports bra and Maaji leggings that were a bright set that will definitely have me standing out in the gym. I loved it!

Right away I knew those were a keeper. Then, I got a free people tie knot top and sports bra from Free People that matched perfectly another beautiful pair of leggings. The brands range in prices from $30-150 USD. Some brands in my box included Free People, Interval, Maaji, Glyder, MPG Sport, Spiritual Gangster, and more.

Check out my TikTok Video of the Items I got in my Active Edit!


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How much does Wantable Cost?

The subscription service costs $20 USD for styling fees, however, you can choose to only do it when you want so really just $20 USD to style you the perfect closet upgrade for your fitness routines. Wantable clothing costs anywhere from $30 to $150 USD, but you are able to tell them how often you spend certain amounts on different items. The great thing about Wantable is if you buy 5 items, you get a 20% discount on the entire cart at checkout!

While you can choose the frequency of the active edits or style edits that come to you. There is also an option to pay as you go.

Why I love Wantable?

Free people movement set in front of diversity mural with hearts. Wantable Active Edit
Art Mural in Orlando, Florida. Sarah Fay in Wantable Edit including Glyder leggings, and Free People Movement top.

I honestly am very busy and travel a lot. Also, sometimes you want to try things on from different brands, and not have to pay for shipping to try it on or to return it. Even with the $20 USD styling fee you actually get to try on a variety of brands, and not have to pay for shipping costs from different individual stores and you get those 7 items that have been styled based on your preferences in your style quiz. It is a great way to glow-up your activewear, loungewear, and closet.

 Finally, I love that I can try things on from the comfort of my room during these odd times. If you are worried or if there is another lockdown, this is the perfect way to shop for at-home loungewear as well. I can see if things match with items already in my closet at home and cannot it safely. Cannot wait to try my holiday edit that is already on the way!  

Have you ever tried a subscription shopping box, like Wantable? Let me know in the comments which one!

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