If you are looking for NYC adventures to do solo here is the travel guide to New York City that you should save for your next adventure. Many people express worry about solo traveling to New York City, but I am here to tell you after a few trips solo to New York I can say you will find plenty of things to do as well as people to meet along the way. While my last article focused on some of the free things to do in New York City, this one is going to focus on some of the elevated adventurous experiences you can have in 2023 and beyond!

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The Edge NYC

Over the years, I have seen New York City from many observation decks, but I have to say The Edge NYC created an impressive structure. The Edge offers the highest outdoor sky deck in the western hemisphere. It is located at 30 Hudson Yard. If you want to come here for sunset, which I do recommend, come an hour before sunset.

The Edge is popular which means there will be a line to take the elevator to the top. In my opinion, this is the best time to visit since you get to see NYC during the day and at night. There is also a restaurant called The Peak at the top.

Hours: 10 am – 10 pm Daily and the last elevator goes up 50 minutes before closing.



City Climb

NYC adventures solo travel guide.The climb is at the Edge close to Hudson yards.

While I did not get to do this during my time in NYC it is on my bucket list for another time. I did something similar to this in Toronto and I can say it is such an amazing experience. Dangle thousands of feet over New York City and have one of the highest experiences in New York City! The view here and the pictures are phenomenal. The cost starts at $185.

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Summit One Vanderbilt

Alright, this was such an amazing experience, and while you may see this place on Instagram a lot it is 100 percent worth coming to see for yourself. This immersive experience spans three floors of the Summit One Vanderbilt building. One Vanderbilt is the 4th tallest building in New York City and adventurous for those that are a little afraid of heights.

Ascent is where the real adventure awaits in NYC at Summit OV. It is the largest external glass bottom elevator in the world. It allows you to test your fear of heights or lack thereof.

When you enter from the elevator you walk down a hall that opens up into a 30000 plus square foot mirrored space. Here is where my jaw dropped. With scenes of the Empire State Building, and the glistening of the NYC skyline during the golden hour it was one of the most beautiful and unique views I had seen of New York City.

That is what I love about Summit One you never know what adventure awaits around every corner.

FlyNyon Helicopter Tours

Have you ever imagined you were a stunt double in a Mission Impossible movie? Not just me. Well, this is NYC and with that means some high-octane NYC adventures. FlyNyon is a helicopter tour company that allows for the only doors off helicopter tours in New York City.

This is one of those unparalleled NYC adventures that will have you begging for more. That is why I recommend you take the 30-minute tour as opposed to the 15-minute tour. It will take you over Central Park, past the World Trade Center, over Governors Island, and Ellis Island, and finally loop around the Statue of Liberty a mere 300 feet above the water.

If you are truly an adventurous soul you will leave with a shoes shot with the NYC skyline or statue of liberty in the background. While at first look it seems like an expensive experience and it is FLYNYON also runs specials if you follow them on Instagram you may find a great deal!

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Watch The Fully Experience of Seeing NYC from up above

Trapeze School

The Flying Trapeze school is an adventure where you can come take classes to learn how to fly like you are in the Circus. No matter your athletic ability or fitness level they will have you flying through the air and you may be able to do a catch. This is where the instructor will catch you as you fly in the air. TFTS also offers silks courses, trampolines, and more fun adventures in NYC.

Central Park Adventure

NYC Adventures solo travel guide , a nyc adventure in Central Park

Some of the best NYC adventures can be the simplest like a walk through Central Park. However, a walk through Central Park is a pretty big feat as it is over 800 acres. The park is bigger than entire countries!

My favorite things to see are the Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Terrace, and also Bow Bridge.

But if you want something to add to your list of NYC adventures did you know people could horseback ride in Central Park? If you don’t have a horse then you can take a classic carriage ride through Central Park as well.

NYC adventures solo travel guide in central park

New York Media Boats

If you feel the need for speed, a tour and ride on New York Media Boats are for you. An hour tour will have you whipping by 40 NYC sights. It is also rated the number 1 tour in New York on Tripadvisor so you are sure this tour will pack a punch. They also have another tour that takes you to see the Statue of Liberty.

Cost $99

Museum of Ice Cream

If you love ice cream, adventure, and the perfect setting for a photo shoot, the Museum of Ice Cream is going to be a great time. As soon as you walk through the door you will be greeted with a treat and someone that will lead you down a Will Wonka-like hallway.
The hallway will open up to immersive experiences, and ice cream, and to me was a great experience with a group of girls. The grand finale was a really fast slide that takes you to a pool filled with sprinkles. This is a sweet tooth’s heaven.


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Nice Guy Food Tours

Get ready for a VIP experience food tour with Damon from Nice Guy Food tours. Eat around NYC and learn about the Lower East Side or the Greenwich Village by exploring through your stomach.

I chose to take the Lower East Side Food Tour where we learned all about the days of people selling food off of push carts to shops and even learned about the history of the neighborhood as well as the food stops we visited.

The tour in the East Side meets at the famous Katz’s Deli. You cannot miss a chance to get one of the freshest and best pastrami sandwiches of your life. We even got to meet the owner’s son and learn about stories of famous patrons as well as see the table from the famous movie when Harry Met Sally.

Leagues of Kitchens

NYC adventures are often made 100 percent better by meeting and interacting with the locals of NYC. While I did not get to try one of Leagues of Kitchens‘ cooking classes where you can be welcomed into the homes of immigrant families in NYC to learn how to cook traditional dishes from their home countries.

This is as authentic of an experience and adventure as I could find when looking for cooking classes. I definitely will try this the next time I am in the city.

Where to stay near Time Square and Hells Kitchen?

New York City is huge and if you are looking to experience NYC as a first-timer and want to stay Central I recommend staying in Grand Central or close to Time Square. Mainly because this is close to a lot of the main metro lines and bus lines that will get you all around to the major highlights in New York City.

The Muse New York Hotel

The Muse New York is located just off Time Square. This hotel was perfect to satisfy my need for an amazing hotel gym as well as the location for some awesome foodie highlights in Hell’s Kitchen. Also, it was close to Broadway so if you want to have a night dining and going to a show then this is the perfect place to end your night.

While it was close to Time Square my room was quiet and I loved coming back here to rest in between my NYC adventures. My room was huge, with a desk, King Bed, and my favorite part was my private balcony to take my coffee to and relax before starting my day.

The gym was fully equipped with weights, machines, and a peloton bike. They had complimentary water which was a nice touch as well. There is also a business center downstairs which is nice if you have to check out and need to get work done before you leave the hotel.


Where to stay near Grand Central?

Grand Central is nice to stay close to as it is a main commuting hub in the city and there are plenty of things around in terms of restaurants and things to do in NYC.

Westgate New York City Grand Central

Instagram will load in the frontend.

When I first arrive in NYC, I love to find a place that was easy to get to from the airport. If you fly into Laguardia Airport, Westgate NYC Grand Central is about a 16-minute door-to-door taxi ride as long as the traffic is not too bad. Westgate Resorts have locations around the USA and are HQ in my home state of Florida. That is why I decided to see what their NYC location offered.

I was so happy to learn they recently renovated their rooms and it was easy to get around the city as it was close to Grand Central as well as the M15 that had express public buses to take you to the Lower East Side.

I got a corner suite with amazing natural light a window desk, a couch, and a huge bed. The beds were 10/10 comfortable. Near the lobby was a tavern where you can grab some souvenirs, coffee, quick bites, and other drinks as well. It was close to the UN, and the Chrysler Building, and was located in Tudor City which was NYC’s first apartment complex highrise.


NYC Travel Tips

Pay with your wireless credit card or debit card to get on and off the metro as well as buses. Use public transit instead of a 40 USD Uber ride, it was safe and easy to use. Just keep your whit’s about you.

If a hotel is out of your budget don’t fret there are hostel options, but they are located in Queen’s or the Upper West Side.

A coffee shop where everything is $2.50. Matto Coffee is amazing because if you download the app everything you buy in the app is $2.50. They have 30 locations around NYC so it can be worth it to download the app.

If you are visiting NYC for the first time for a few days and want to save money on tourist attractions think about grabbing a CityPass which covers quite a bit and is not only going to save you money, but also time.

Book Here


Who is ready to have some solo NYC adventures?

Hope this made it less daunting to have some epic NYC adventures on your next solo trip to NYC. I have been a few times and whether you are ready to have a blowout NYC trip or do NYC on a budget there is something for every type of traveler. As a female solo traveler I feel safe and found NYC to be a great place to explore different neighborhoods, travel around the world in one city through food, and find epic NYC adventures at every turn. If it is your first time in NYC check out my guide for first time visitors to New York City.

NYC Adventures solo travel guide

NYC Solo Travel Vlog and Guide

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